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What We Do

We offer Exclusive, Environmental friendly Waterproofing Solutions using niche products.

Terrace Waterproofing

Waterproofing of the terrace of any building is carried out after a thorough inspection, once the surface is ready to waterproof, two to three coats of the recommended solution are applied which acts as a protective coating.

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Wet Area Waterproofing

Bathrooms are the most common cause of dampness for any property. Any leakage here can not only damage the paint on the ceiling below the bathroom but also in the adjacent rooms, thus spoiling the overall look and feel of the property.

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Heat Reflective coating

The terrace of any building is exposed to extreme weathering and extreme temperatures. Applying proper and effective waterproofing solutions with heat reflective properties solves the problem of seepage as well as heat during both summer seasons.

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Water Retaining Bodies

Sometimes due to seepage and leakage from swimming pools, overhead tanks & underground tanks etc, the water retaining bodies spoil the decor and weaken the structure. Such areas are waterproofed using excellent waterproofing solutions mainly crystalline coating systems.

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External Waterproofing

Exterior walls are subject to constant exposure to sun and rain which impact their durability. To solve this problem we provide high-performance waterproofing solutions for your building exteriors which provides a complete solution to prevent dampness and seepage through exteriors.

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Repair Work

Being a leading executor of providing turnkey waterproofing solutions, Aquaseal also does repair & retrofitting jobs for distressed structures on pan India basis. We are based at Bangalore, India and we use profound waterproofing methods and products which are designed for any structure.

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Terrace Garden Waterproofing

One of the most complex areas when it comes to waterproofing is the terrace garden. Due to the presence of moisture throughout the structure along with the presence of roots from the plantation make it challenging, we treat them well by using a proper waterproofing as well as root bending system.

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Foundation Waterproofing

This plays a key role in contributing to building strength. Due to the capillary movement, the water rises from the soil to the building. As it passes through the foundation, it rises higher and reaches the walls. A damp proof course is laid at the plinth level providing effective waterproofing.

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Interior Waterproofing

The interior walls & slab get damaged due to long term effects of the water penetration which in turn damages the paint of the interior walls or ceiling below. The first sign of water ingress is usually the appearance of damp patches which is fixed with the help of waterproofing solutions and treating interior damp walls or ceiling.

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The way we work


Site Inspection

Our engineers and contractors initially inspect your site at no extra cost. They identify the areas to be treated and then suggest a requirement to solve the leaks which are visible. For every problem identified, we have different solutions accommodating different kinds of strategies.


Repair & Waterproofing

Our trained and qualified applicators are very capable of completing the most challenging tasks like treating terraces, swimming pools, retaining walls etc.. We provide you solutions for both the new and old construction on different dimensions


Technical Support

We are always there to help you achieve the most economical and functional waterproofing and repair solutions for your needs. We also help by providing technical support and overseeing your first time product usage.



Aquaseal is a flag bearer for the waterproofing industry in providing time-tested solutions. Engaging in a wide range of services we serve the results to the highest degree of quality and testing. Aquaseal performs its functions within a much stipulated time.


Spanning a customer base of 200+ in the last few years, we have served a broad range of complex structures and gained significant domain expertise in many areas including, terrace garden, swimming pools, negative side treatment of retaining walls and other specialized areas in waterproofing. Our team holds ample competence in treating all the above areas and hence we have come high amongst the other competitors.


We are the chosen partner for many of the renowned architects and construction companies as their waterproofing solution providers. We take up our partnership very seriously and work in complete collaboration to both drives the improvements and to push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of functionality, technology, and integration.

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Aquaseal offers waterproofing solutions in Bangalore. Aquaseal aims to bring to Bangalore a service that guarantees to seal any leak that may occur within any building structure.


At Aquaseal quality is not an afterthought but a way of life.